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Starling Redesign by Kiick318 Starling Redesign by Kiick318
The last of my Birds of Prey redesigns, Starling.

With this redesign I really wanted to make her look and feel comfortable, while still looking all types of kick-ass, and sexy. To me, Starling looks like the type of girl who's just in it for the fun of it, so she doesn't necessarily takes herself so seriously to the point that she needs a costume like the other girls, and that's what made her the most fun out of all of them. Also, to be honest, I kind of hate that she wears like a bustier... it just seems dumb? Only my opinion :/

I added more elements to her tattoo sleeve to make it look more fuller, and I tried my best to keep it as close as possible to her original tattoo design but there's not a lot of reference for it. I also gave her holsters that go on the back of her belt. I figured it would be a nice element of surprise when she confronts tough guys. It seems unexpected.

I'm always trying to better myself so I was sketching from reference and I found this pose, and I thought it was so bad-ass. *Please note slight nudity, NSFW. [link]
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April 7, 2012
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